Be the best skater you can be!




Hi, I’m Alba. My journey with artistic roller skating started over a quarter of a century ago. Since then, skating has grown from a pastime into a fascination, a love, and a profession.

Now, I share my skills with people all over the world, as a passionate instructor and proud creator of the leading artistic roller skating course.


I wanted to start an online course because skating has the ability to bring such joy to people. I believe artistic roller skating should reach every corner of the world.

 I intend to spread my knowledge as far as I can and make skating accessible for anyone. I want to give you the freedom to go at your own pace.

If you don’t have time to commit to a traditional class or lesson, it doesn’t matter. When you learn to skate online with me, you can do it on your own schedule.

“When you have a dream, it doesn’t matter what others think. Just roll with it!”


The complete virtual collection of artistic roller skating tricks, taught by a pro. Be the best skater you can be!
Quality tuition

Learn from an expert (that’s me!) who has been coaching skaters just like you for over 15 years. I have poured more than 26 years of personal and professional experience into designing the perfect course, full of exclusive material you can’t find anywhere else online.

Convenient lessons

Practice any time and any place with my easy-to-follow video tutorials. Watch at home, at the park, or in the rink! Plus, check out my illustrated and downloadable guidelines that include step-by-step instructions for every trick.

Affordable training

Want the best value? Check out the Roll Skate Art monthly subscription. You’ll get full access to the course and be the first to know about any exclusive updates. Plus, receive a private 1-on-1 virtual coaching session with me to help you really get those moves down.


From My Skating Students


If we’re talking about the ideal age to start, then 4 years old is perfect. At this age, kids learn easily and their bodies are more agile.

But, don’t let age hold you back! I have students who are 40+ years old, and they are having tones of fun and skating beautifully. The key is that you must want it: then anything is possible.

Don’t worry if you think you’re not flexible. Flexibility is something that you can work on and actively improve, no matter your age.

In artistic roller skating there are four levels before you reach competition level. Some people can get there in four years or less, and some people take longer. If you are aiming to become a professional artistic roller skater, you should take all of the time that you need until you are ready. Everyone is different.